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Video - fi’zi:k Spine Concept

Italy's fi'zi:k demostrate their spine concept for saddle compatibility

Being comfortable on the bike is absolutely crucial if you’re going to have a long and enjoyable cycling experience. The right contact points (the parts of your body that touch the bike) are essential, and none more important than the saddle which focuses most of your weight on a small area. We’re all very different so what works for one may not suit the other, with this in mind saddle experts fi’zi:k developed their spine concept to create three unique designs of saddle - Snake, Chamelon and Bull - to cater for individual spine flexibility. The video below demonstrates this concept and shows how this can determine saddle to body compatibility.
VIDEO - fi'zi:k demonstrate their spine concept
VIDEO - fi’zi:k demonstrate their spine concept

Video courtesy of fi:zi’k

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