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For many of us, cycling serves as a means of self-exploration — bridging gaps between the past, present and future. The blend between mind and body, working together to overcome hard moments be it physical, mental or emotional and how we learn to cope in our own mind is essential in being able to process the past, be true to ourselves in the present and create moments of inner peace in the future.

A decade after crossing the French Pyrénées non-stop on a ride that would act as a catalyst for change, I wanted to share this story for the first time. To give an insight into the deeper meaning behind some of the mountain challenges you may have seen me undertake over the years, I felt now was the time to head back to my mountains, return to source and embrace the unknown.

Overcoming the mountains of our mind, from escapism to reconnection. 10 years, 10 cols and 10,000 metres of climbing. This is my story of going Full Circle.

Thank you for watching. I truly hope there is something in this video that can help you in your own journey.


Mike Cotty

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