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Nebelhorn - Germany’s hardest climb! Germany On Tour

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Sometimes you stumble upon a climb that’s so ridiculously steep, so menacingly hard and yet so incredibly beautiful all at the same time that it makes you wonder if it’s actually real, or just a bad nightmare. That’s exactly what happened at the tail end of summer when exploring the Bavarian Alps in Germany. Up until the start of the trip I didn’t even know this climb existed, but after a few attempts I can now tell you (hand on fiercely beating heart) Nebelhorn is like nothing else on the planet with loose and sketchy asphalt at best, wickedly steep gradients above 35% and views that keep you pushing on despite the unfathomable madness of the road itself. Touted as Germany’s hardest, it’s easily up there with the very hardest climbs in the world and definitely the toughest climb I’ve ever attempted. What. A. Legend!

As I put this video together I was reminded at just what an achievement it was to make it to the summit. The ride itself was an incredible challenge, but the nature of self filming and trying to capture it on my own at each stage made it the journey even more rewarding. The silence and serenity at the summit was pure life in a moment, something that I’ll be grateful to have experienced for a long time to come.

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Thank you for watching, until the next time ride safe and keep smiling!


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